We know financing an expansion, relocation or a start-up can be a challenge. Franklin County, the State of Iowa and our utility partners provide assitance which may be of help to qualifying projects.Below is a brief overview:

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TIF -Tax Increment Financing involves returning a portion of the property tax on added valuation back to the project.

Iowa New Jobs Tax Credit - One time tax credit per new job created. Requires participation in the New Jobs Training Program. $1,785 per employee for 2017

New Market Tax Credit -The credit equals 39% of the investment paid out (5% in each of the first three years, then 6% in the final four years, for a total of 39%) over seven years.

USDA - Zero interest loans available through Franklin REC and CornBelt Power

Revolving Loan Funds -Franklin County, Franklin REC & CornBelt Power

Iowa Loan Guarateee - Provides lenders with additional security.

High Quality Jobs Program - The state's premier financial assistance program designed to support innovation and job growth.

RISE- Revitalization of Iowa's Sound Economy (RISE) Program to assist in the development of roads and streets.

Local tax abatements -Our local communities provide a variety of tax abatement schedules to qualifying projects.

Workforce Tax Credits - Otherwise known as 260(E) employers may receive a one-time tax credit per qualifying job created

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